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A Guide To Managing Anxiety During Winter

A Guide to Managing Anxiety During Winter

With winter now here and the nights drawing in, many of us want to stay indoors, curl up on the couch, and keep cozy and warm. However, with less sunlight exposure during the colder months, this can disturb your body’s release of neurotransmitters, which are linked to anxiety and depression. There are ways to cope with winter stress and anxiety, which can help you get the most out of the season, such as those listed below.

Get Outdoors

While the idea of going out in the cold may fill you with dread, when it comes to relieving stress and anxiety, peeling yourself off the couch and getting some fresh air into your lungs can do wonders for your mental health. Whether you take a stroll around the neighborhood, or head to a local park, try and use the daylight hours to get some sunlight exposure. Sunlight can provide an array of health benefits, such as boosting your mindset.

Make Time for Exercise

If you’re spending too much time binge-watching Netflix, it’s time to get up on your feet and implement some exercise into your routine, particularly during the winter months. Whether you enjoy dancing, running on a treadmill, or weights are more your thing, exercise can be a great stress reliever, which helps to bring anxiety levels down. The choice is endless when it comes to working out options, so pick an activity that works for you.

Eat Well-Balanced Meals

The foods you put into your body during the winter are important. This is because too much junk food may give you an initial burst of energy, but you’re likely to feel lethargic and rundown much quicker, which can exacerbate anxiety symptoms. Therefore, sticking with well-balanced meals packed with fruits and veg is your best option.

Take Deep Breaths

Something as simple as taking deep breaths can bring stress and anxiety levels down. Whether you’re at the office, on the go, or at home, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, taking a minute for yourself and practicing deep breathing techniques can help. Deep breathing exercises are a natural painkiller, and can improve blood flow, boost your immune system, and calm you down.

Try Kratom

Research has shown that kratom enhances mood and relieves anxiety. Other common uses of kratom may help in relieving pain, opioid addiction, and depression. While kratom is not currently illegal in the United States, it is considered a controlled substance. Therefore, you will need to check if you can get kratom nearby.

Watch How Much You Sleep

During the winter months, you may want to spend more time in bed than normal. However, sleeping for too long can be just as harmful as having too little. This is because too much or too little sleep increases the risk of chronic diseases like diabetes, coronary heart disease, and anxiety. To combat this, try going to sleep and waking up at the same time each day.

To beat the winter blues and keep anxiety at bay, doing any of the above can relieve stress, help you feel more positive, and ensure you get the most out of the colder months.

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