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Founded in 2003 and based in lovely downtown Seattle, WA, USA, Terrapod Games exists in order to create high-quality, reasonably priced games.

As a small, independently funded studio, we are able to create games that stay true to their original vision, free from the “too many cooks” problem faced by some other projects.

As multitalented individuals, we are able to reduce human capital costs by completing projects using minimally staffed teams, resulting in lower prices for the finished products.

As lifelong game devotees, we have played a great many games of all kinds (video and otherwise), and freely draw upon these years of experience in the production of our own creations.

As dedicated gamers, if we make a game, we can’t release it until it is fun for us (and hopefully everyone else) to play. We will always be our own harshest critics!

Finally, as rabidly persistent as we are, we will continue to be all of the above things as long as humanly possible. (“Some have even said we aren’t human! We do not confirm or deny this allegation.” -PJM)

Contact us!

Have a burning question, a pithy comment, or [bubbling praise | scathing scorn] for our games? Submit them using our Contact Form! While we can’t guarantee a response in every case, we can assure you that your thoughts are important to us and will be read and pondered.

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