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Top Male Sex Toys That Real Man Keeps In Secret

Top Male Sex Toys that Real Man Keeps in Secret

Shouldn’t all men be blunt about sex toys? Well, not today.

It is a fact that more and more individuals are starting to open up to lots of possibilities in sexuality; however, it is still unavoidable that some men and women still find using sex toys a taboo, while some still keep these toys as one of their biggest secrets.
While it is common to find several lists about female sex toys online with a different variation, men’s sex toys, on the other hand, have a few common toys. This is one of the reasons why it is easy to identify men’s sex toys over women’s. As a result, men who use sex toys are more discreet about it than women.
If you are curious about what type of male sex toys that men always keep in secret, here are a few of them:

• Cock Ring

One of the most common types of sex toys that look like a ring but not entirely a ring is known as the cock ring. Cock rings are usually worn during sex; it helps the penis to have a full erection, allowing more intimate and satisfying sex.
Cock rings can be in several designs – the standard ring, the metal type of ring, vibrating cock ring, and more.

• Fleshlight

Fleshlight is now getting popular amongst men these days, probably because of its design. The sex toy is a canister-encapsulated artificial vagina or artificial orifice that looks like a flashlight in the outside but extra-soft and warm in the inside – almost similar to the real ones. Indeed, men can enjoy these sex toys in the most worry-free and guilt-free purchase.

• Prostate massager

Another common sex toys that you can easily find today is the prostate massager. The sex toy is designed to expand a man’s orgasm through the 3 routes – the perineum, the frenulum, and the prostate gland. According to the experts, the prostate massager can help clear the prostate from the bulking of fluid that can help reduce the possibilities of prostate inflammation.

• Vibrating cock ring

As mentioned, one of the popular types of cock rings is designed with vibration. The sex toy is dual purpose; while the actual ring helps the penis bigger, the other end stimulates the clitoris through its vibrating function.

• Hot Octopuss

Yes! Men can enjoy vibration when masturbating.
It is common to find sex toys for women that are designed with a vibrator, but not so much with sex toys for men. This time, men can now enjoy the same intense satisfaction that women experience during solo sexual activity.

Final Thoughts

Sex toys are often surrounded by doubts and disgust by conservative people. However, that can be reduced through proper product dissemination. Starting from explaining what are sex toys, how does it work, and how safe it is.
If these sex toys are well-introduced, there will be no man or woman who will have to hide their toys and feel embarrassed when buying them. If you are still shy to buy them openly, try visiting Simpli Pleasure’s website.

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